Adrienne Blum

Here are the works of enamelists Adrienne Blum and Eugene Scott, of Adrienne Blum Enamels. This wife-husband team, who live near Charlottesville, VA have been transforming light switch plates into works of art for nearly twenty years.

“Enamelists back in the fifties were doing this,” said Adrienne about her work on light switch plates. “It’s not something new, as much as it is my own way of doing it.” And her “own way of doing it”’ includes one-of-a-kind designs ranging from floral scenes, to butterflies, to celestial bodies. In all, Adrienne and Eugene carry over 40 designs (totaling 400 different color combinations), compatible for any room in the home.

Adrienne’s work with light switch plates is virtually identical to the enamel process that occurred in the Middle Ages. For lack of a better word, Adrienne “paints” with dry powders, though no paint is used. The powders are actually colored ground glass, and once she creates the design she likes, Adrienne fires the plate in a kiln. At temperatures of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, these powders melt and actually fuse to the plate, creating one of their many beautifully colored, professionally rendered designs.

For Adrienne her craft experience started in 1974. At the time a college student taking classes in elementary education, she never became a teacher. Rather, along with a friend she started enameling and selling what she made at craft shows. The two started with pins and moved on to earrings, necklaces, and eventually light switch plates.

These days, Adrienne doesn’t make pins, nor does she make earrings and necklaces. She and Eugene have found a niche in light switch plates, and through craft festivals and other lines of business, her light switch plates can be found all across the country, even in places as far away as Alaska.

Adrienne makes these plates because it provides her an additional means of communication with the people who buy her work, an outlet that allows her to go deeper than the other designs she and Eugene offer. And in households throughout America, Adrienne’s plates speak subtly and clearly in the rooms they enhance. Her work has transformed the mundane into something of beauty.

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730 Spring Lake Drive,Earlysville, VA 22936