Frank & Kim Yanke

Yanke Designs

Jewelry is truly the number one Universal Art. It has multiple facets.

It is blessed in marriage. Celebrated with birth and passed on in death.

It speaks in all languages and conforms to everyone’s personality.

It all starts with a gem and an idea!

As jewelers we are uniquely qualified to translate a client’s personal self-expression or ours into a fine piece of jewelry. The initial stage is an explosion of impulses that will come together to form a well-balanced and unique design. Wondrous gifts from Mother Nature such as Tanzanite’s, Raspberry Garnets and Fire-breathing Diamonds will take center stage.

Accent gemstones are often accompanying the major gem to open up the design. Precious metals such as 18kt yellow and white gold present the designs with a classic richness that speaks quality.

Yanke Designs: Artistry in motion .. Where Precision melds with Passion.

“Works of Art …Labors of Love”

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