Artspace Open House Artist Agreement

    This Exhibition Agreement (The Agreement) is made between The Guild of Artists & Artisans (The Guild) and The Artist.

    Delivering + Picking Up Artwork
    The Artist is responsible for delivering artwork to StudioStudio on May 21 between 4-5:30pm. All artwork must be ready for presentation upon delivery. Delivered work must be dry and complete.

    The Artist is responsible for taking home unsold artwork at the end of the evening. If the artwork has not been picked up at the end of the night, the artwork will become property of The Guild, and The Guild reserves the right to treat the artwork as a donation.

    Artwork Label + Sales
    The Artist is responsible for providing their own label using the suggestions provided by The Guild. The Artist is encouraged to include a QR code or option for payment on the label, as they will be responsible for all transactions. The Guild will not handle any transactions at the event, as that will be the sole responsibility of The Artist.

    The Artist understands that The Guild and StudioStudio does extensive promotion on traditional and social media. The Guild and StudioStudio may publish photographs of artwork for promotional purposes.

    Care and Preservation of Artwork
    The Guild agrees to professionally care for all artwork and to report any damage or other findings to the Artist. The Guild is not responsible for cleaning, restoring, or reframing the artwork. The Guild is not responsible for any damage to the artwork during the event. The Guild recommends that the Artist provides their own insurance.

    Liability & Insurance
    In displaying artwork at the Artspace Open House, The Guild is acting solely as a representative of the Artist, and neither it nor its members shall be liable for loss or damage to artwork due to fire, theft, loss or destruction of any kind other than those created by The Guild’s negligence. The Guild recommends that the Artist have their own proper insurance coverage during the exhibition period, as well as during the transportation period to and from the event venue.

    I, the Artist, acknowledge that I have read and understand the information in the agreement..