Dreamland Waiver

Dreamland Waiver

    By signing this waiver, the Artist and/or Parent/Guardian agrees to include the Artist’s Dreamland artwork in a virtual Dreamland gallery space created by CultureVerse (www.cultureverse.org).

    By consenting to exhibit artwork with CultureVerse in the virtual space, the Artist and/or Parent/Guardian acknowledges that images of the Artist’s work will be managed similarly to how images are managed on the internet. This includes the potential for these images to be shared across various social media and online platforms beyond conventional physical media. This aligns closely with CultureVerse’s fundamental mission of bringing the unseen to light.

    The project will likely take a few weeks to complete, and then the exhibition will exist virtually, so it can be seen and shared after the physical exhibition comes to a close.

    The virtual gallery would be shared and available on CultureVerse’s website as well as Gutman Gallery’s website. The links listed below are examples of other youth art shows that CultureVerse has created a virtual gallery space for. These have been created to inspire kids to see themselves as artists and to make the exhibition sharable without physical and time-based constraints. The goal of the virtual gallery is to empower and inspire young artists through showcasing their artwork in a novel and exciting way.

    CultureVerse is an Ann Arbor, MI based 501c3 non-profit that uses emerging technologies to amplify the work of artists, educators, and preservationists. CultureVerse has completed over 50 projects in the last two years, elevating the work of our partners and enriching the community.