Summer Sounds



With Support from Live Entertainment Sponsor DTE.

Presented by the Ark, a non-profit organization presenting the best of traditional and contemporary live music in downtown Ann Arbor over 300 nights each year. At The Ark, performers and audiences connect in a state-of-the-art listening room for an intimate music experience. We’re excited to bring a sampling of what we do year-round outside to the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair Summer Sounds mini stages! 

Located at the corner of Main & Liberty and the corner of State & South University

Performance Schedule

Main / Liberty Summer Sounds
Thursday, July 15:  6pm  RFD BOYS
Friday, July 16:   6pm   JILL JACK
Saturday, July 17:  4pm  NADIM AZZAM

State / S. University Summer Sounds
Thursday, July 15:   3pm  LONDON BECK
Friday, July 16:   3pm    RFD BOYS
Saturday, July 17:  2pm  JILL JACK