Royal Oak Spring Virtual Art Fair

From our living room to yours, we brought you our first ever Virtual Art Fair on April 3rd! Click on the images below to see what artists, musicians and even a food truck shared with everyone!

Anthony Brass: Painting

Koro Kouyate: Musician

Kim Rhoney: Painting

Kaylee Pierce: Musician, Axis Academy

Kelly O’Neill: Metals

Salt & Sugar: Food Truck

Leigh Hollmann: Fiber/Fabric

Katie McLean: Musician, Axis Academy

Deborah O’Keeffe: Mixed Media

Alison Buckman: Musician, Axis Academy

Emily LoPresto: Ceramics

Dave Menzo: Musician

Denise Cassidy Wood: Mixed Media

Amy Ferguson: Drawing

Reina Mystique: Musician

Kandy Myny: Mixed Media

Reina Mystique: Musician

Susan Hamady: Painting

Reina Mystique: Musician

Richard Morgan: Metals

Rochelle Clark: Musician

Beth H: Fiber/Fabric

Rochelle Clark: Musician

Collin Hunt: Wood

Rochelle Clark: Musician

Kristin Perkins: Jewelry