Art Birmingham

May 12 & 13, 2018

Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm

Art Birmingham, originally known as the Birmingham Fine Art Festival, celebrates its 38th annual return to Shain Park, downtown Birmingham’s beautiful City Park. The park is conveniently located in the center of this favorite urban downtown and features all new and welcoming pathways and beautiful landscaping. As the downtown center, the park is surrounded by convenient parking for fair goers and within easy access to the many unique stores and fabulous restaurants of downtown Birmingham. This exquisite fine art fair will showcase more than 150 juried artists in an elegant and extraordinary setting and is an annual Mother’s Day tradition. Featured work includes painting, ceramics, photography, jewelry, glass, wood, sculpture, mixed media, fiber, metal and more.  Admission is free.

Artist Booth Origin Media  
Acton, Tana 043 Santa Fe, NM Jewelry Tana's work in Jewelry
Adkins, Glenna 087 Fort Thomas NY Mixed Media 2D/3D Glenna's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Agmon, Einat 123 Buffalo NY Jewelry Einat's work in Jewelry
Ament, Don 077/078 Lexington, KY Photography Don's work in Photography
Anderson, Troy 001 Rockford, MI Sculpture Troy's work in Sculpture
Arden, Kim 058 Temperance, MI Jewelry Kim's work in Jewelry
Ardis, James 073 Midland MI Mixed Media 2D/3D James's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Aschinger, Skeeter 031 Pompano Beach FL Mixed Media 2D/3D Skeeter's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Baker, Stan 020 Ann Arbor MI Clay Stan's work in Clay
Barthelemy, Billie 125 Pinewood, MN Fiber Billie's work in Fiber
Baum, Mike 063 Lebanon, OH Clay Mike's work in Clay
Bechler, Corey & Stacey 033 Honor, MI Clay Corey & Stacey's work in Clay
Berari, David & Pamela 014 Ortonville, MI Sculpture David & Pamela's work in Sculpture
Billman, Gregg 079 Gainesville, FL Printmaking/Paper Gregg's work in Printmaking/Paper
Bolhuis, Kristine 076 Ann Arbor, MI Jewelry Kristine's work in Jewelry
Boyett, John 089 North Canton OH Glass John's work in Glass
Brawley, Deborah 094 Niwo, CO Fiber Deborah's work in Fiber
Brin, Hill & Nicole 111 Cotopaxi, CO Metals Hill & Nicole's work in Metals
Burge, Lisa 053 Taos NM Mixed Media 2D/3D Lisa's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Burge, Lisa 053 Taos NM Painting Lisa's work in Painting
Butler, Terrance 124 Ann Arbor, MI Printmaking/Paper Terrance's work in Printmaking/Paper
Campbell Brian 050 Rockford, MI Wood Brian's work in Wood
Carmichael, Daniel 101 Waterford, MI Sculpture Daniel's work in Sculpture
Carter, Andy 006 Commerce Twp., MI Wood Andy's work in Wood
Chai, Winnie 046 Glen Falls, NY Jewelry Winnie's work in Jewelry
Chamberlain, Linda 062 Bay City, MI Mixed Media Linda's work in Mixed Media
Clevenger, David 149 Lafayette, IN Wood David's work in Wood
Colter, Michael 154 Milan, MI Photography Michael's work in Photography
Cooper, Debbi 116 Commerce Twp. MI Fiber Debbi's work in Fiber
Cooper, Nancy 018 Belleville MI Jewelry Nancy's work in Jewelry
Copeland, Jim 026 Chamblee, GA Photography Jim's work in Photography
Crane, Becky 148 North Ridgeville, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Becky's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Curtis, Anne 113 Grand Rapids, MI Wood Anne's work in Wood
Davis, Cathy & Dave 095 Trenton, MI Jewelry Cathy & Dave's work in Jewelry
DeBano, Collyn 134 Oakland, MI Jewelry Collyn's work in Jewelry
Dinka, Dianna 145 Tamarac, FL Jewelry Dianna's work in Jewelry
Duan, Zhen Zhong 013 Dublin, OH Painting Zhen Zhong's work in Painting
Dziewit, Leah 037 Maple City MI Fiber Leah's work in Fiber
Ellison, David 028 St. Claire Shores, MI Clay David's work in Clay
England, Pamela & Frank Borelli 049 Lake Park, FL Leather Pamela & Frank Borelli's work in Leather
Engler, Dylan 107 Columbus, OH Glass Dylan's work in Glass
Ferguson, Amy 090 White Lake, MI Drawing Amy's work in Drawing
Ferris, Joseph 071 Boca Raton, FL Metals Joseph's work in Metals
Fischer, Ann Marie 029 Farmington Hills MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Ann Marie's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Fletcher, Paul 170/171 Westlake OH Painting Paul's work in Painting
Furches, John 059 Elkin, NC Printmaking/Paper John's work in Printmaking/Paper
Galbo, John 161 Saginaw MI Photography John's work in Photography
Gao, Wayne & Michelle Chang 147 Rowland Heights, CA Clay Wayne & Michelle Chang's work in Clay
Gilmore, Julia 032 Caledon, Ontario Painting Julia's work in Painting
Grabski, Cheryl 065 Okemos, MI Fiber Cheryl's work in Fiber
Green, Paula Mae 007 Pompano Beach, FL Fiber Paula Mae's work in Fiber
Hall, Phillip 156 New Smyrna Beach, FL Jewelry Phillip's work in Jewelry
Hallowell, Brit 096 Mount Sterling, OH Mixed Media Brit's work in Mixed Media
Hernandez, Humberto 038 Flat Rock MI Jewelry Humberto's work in Jewelry
Hii, Lou 088 Indianapolis, IN Printmaking/Paper Lou's work in Printmaking/Paper
Hofacker, Katie 054 Powell, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Katie's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Holland, Edward 002 Jacksonville, FL Photography Edward's work in Photography
Hollmann, Leigh 122 Ann Arbor, MI Fiber Leigh's work in Fiber
Huntoon, Kyle 163 Detroit, MI Wood Kyle's work in Wood
Jackson, Victoria 025 Woodstock, GA Painting Victoria's work in Painting
James, Sandy 024 McHenry, IL Jewelry Sandy's work in Jewelry
Jennings, Chandra 015 Grand Haven, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Chandra's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Johnson, Amy 034 Grand Rapids MI Jewelry Amy's work in Jewelry
Johnson, Jane 133 Port Charlotte, FL Painting Jane's work in Painting
Jones, Darren 036 Chicago, IL Mixed Media Darren's work in Mixed Media
Jorn, Aric 091 Dearborn, MI Sculpture Aric's work in Sculpture
July, Ted 035 Otisville MI Wood Ted's work in Wood
Kadouh, Sooney Kadouh 127 Royal Oak, MI Photography Sooney Kadouh's work in Photography
Kaufman, Conrad 138 Galesburg, MI Painting Conrad's work in Painting
Kaulins, Jan 139/140 Manitou Beach, MI Photography Jan's work in Photography
Kehr, Tracy & Mike 098 White Cloud, MI Glass Tracy & Mike's work in Glass
Keller, Jeremy & Mary Ennis 055 Lewisville, OH Clay Jeremy & Mary Ennis's work in Clay
Kontorina, Marina 066 Grand Rapids, MI Painting Marina's work in Painting
Kozlowski, Antoni 012 Shelby Twp., MI Jewelry Antoni's work in Jewelry
Krider, Jerry 153 Columbia City, IN Sculpture Jerry's work in Sculpture
Lally, Kate 044 Dayton OH Clay Kate's work in Clay
Lawless, Ryan & Kaitlyn 023 Detroit, MI Clay Ryan & Kaitlyn's work in Clay
LeGault, Thomas 064 Plymouth, MI Painting Thomas's work in Painting
Lee, Randy 074 Luck, WI Mixed Media Randy's work in Mixed Media
Lewis, David & Brad Loker 108/109 Kalamazoo, MI Wood David & Brad Loker's work in Wood
Liang, Kevin 117 Brooklyn, NY Painting Kevin's work in Painting
Malloy, Clare 165 Chicago IL Drawing Clare's work in Drawing
Mann, Cynthia 093 Brighton MI Jewelry Cynthia's work in Jewelry
Marksz, Diane 078 Davie FL Jewelry Diane's work in Jewelry
Mazzola Joe 114 Detroit, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Joe's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
McFarland Mary 082 Brodhead, KY Fiber Mary's work in Fiber
McKinney, Paula 103 West carrollton, OH Fiber Paula's work in Fiber
Mckenney, Melanie & Justin 072 Grand Island, NY Clay Melanie & Justin's work in Clay
Mohrenweiser, Mark & Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser 030 Brighton, MI Mixed Media Mark & Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser's work in Mixed Media
Morgan, Kate 019 Columbus OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Kate's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Morgan, Richard 047/048 Wauseon, OH Sculpture Richard's work in Sculpture
Morrin, Annette 021 Lambertville MI Jewelry Annette's work in Jewelry
Myers, Scott & JoAnn 083/084 Royal Oak, MI Wood Scott & JoAnn's work in Wood
Myny, Kandy 099 Shelby Twp., MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Kandy's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Nolan, Ron 027 Roscommon, MI Wood Ron's work in Wood
North, Beth 137 Birmingham MI Jewelry Beth's work in Jewelry
O'Hara, Pam 157 Dester, MI Clay Pam's work in Clay
Olson, Scott 166 Williams Bay WI Painting Scott's work in Painting
Otis, Andrew 142 East Jordan, MI Clay Andrew's work in Clay
Parker, James 016 Rochester Hills MI Photography James's work in Photography
Parker, Suellen 152 Flint, MI Glass Suellen's work in Glass
Patterson, Brad 075 Grand Haven MI Clay Brad's work in Clay
Pelka, Joseph 168 Fort Wayne, IN Clay Joseph's work in Clay
Perkins, Kristin 164 Ypsilanti MI Jewelry Kristin's work in Jewelry
Pernicano, Vincent 121 Boyne Falls, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Vincent's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Pierson-Hutson, Stephanie 158 Fishers, IN Clay Stephanie's work in Clay
Pine, Jack 144 Columbus, OH Glass Jack's work in Glass
Pishgahi, Reza 086 Bloomington, IN Sculpture Reza's work in Sculpture
Poitau, Annette 092 Oberlin, OH Painting Annette's work in Painting
Pollack, Bradford & Joy Suphattra 151 Hasslett, MI Photography Bradford & Joy Suphattra's work in Photography
Pruks, Mari 106 Ann Arbor, MI Digital Art Mari's work in Digital Art
Raab, George 069 Canada Printmaking/Paper George's work in Printmaking/Paper
Rawson, Marjorie 112 Chelsea, MI Jewelry Marjorie's work in Jewelry
Reeves, Dawn 155 Weat Bloomfield, MI Fiber Dawn's work in Fiber
Reinfeld, Bruce 067/068 Philadelphia, PA Photography Bruce's work in Photography
Richard, Jesse 081 Ortonville, MI Printmaking/Paper Jesse's work in Printmaking/Paper
Richards, Matthew 136 Perrysburg, OH Glass Matthew's work in Glass
Rohr, Steve 143 West Bloomfield, MI Wood Steve's work in Wood
Rubright, Barbara 162 Shelby Twp MI Fiber Barbara's work in Fiber
Rujuwa, Peter 160 Greenwood, IN Sculpture Peter's work in Sculpture
Ryan, Carol 120 Oak Park, IL Painting Carol's work in Painting
Sall, Fatou 005 Capitol Heights, MD Fiber Fatou's work in Fiber
Schneider, Carl 100 Warren, MI Jewelry Carl's work in Jewelry
Schwarz, Julie 011 Sawyer, MI Photography Julie's work in Photography
Shaffer, Jane & Susan 070 Mount Prospect IL Jewelry Jane & Susan's work in Jewelry
Shea, Andrew 126 Minneapolis, MN Glass Andrew's work in Glass
Sheriff, Sonja 105 Columbus, OH Jewelry Sonja's work in Jewelry
Sloup, Suphattra & Randy 150 Haslett, MI Mixed Media Suphattra & Randy's work in Mixed Media
Smith, Ken 041/042 Castle Rock, CO Photography Ken's work in Photography
Spencer, Anita 169 Lapeer MI Jewelry Anita's work in Jewelry
Spraul, Barbara 060 Livonia, MI Painting Barbara's work in Painting
St. Laurent, Alanna 115 Ferndale, MI Photography Alanna's work in Photography
Stadtlander, Jim 017 Mantua, OH Sculpture Jim's work in Sculpture
Strong, Kate 003 Chicago, IL Fiber Kate's work in Fiber
Taber, Karen & Jessica Taber Rodriguez 056/057 Wyoming MI Leather Karen & Jessica Taber Rodriguez's work in Leather
Tarasiewicz, Simon & Joy 022 Birch Run MI Wood Simon & Joy's work in Wood
Tillman, Kate 135 Chicago, IL Photography Kate's work in Photography
Trisko, Robert & Ian Lieberman 008/009 St. Cloud, MN Robert & Ian Lieberman's work in
Uren, Steve 010 Marquette, MI Wood Steve's work in Wood
VanTol, Sarah 004 Midland, MI Glass Sarah's work in Glass
Vetter, Lisa & Paul Siefert 167 Spencerville, IN Mixed Media Lisa & Paul Siefert's work in Mixed Media
Watkins, Bill 104 Holland, OH Mixed Media Bill's work in Mixed Media
Webb, Janet 061 Marion, IN Jewelry Janet's work in Jewelry
Wender, Andrew 085 Englewood FL Mixed Media 2D/3D Andrew's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
West-Martino Patti 102 St. Clair, MI Jewelry Patti's work in Jewelry
Wilbat, James 040 Deerfield, IL Glass James's work in Glass
Wilson, Stephen 039 Warren MI Wood Stephen's work in Wood
Wimmer, Chuck 159 Brecksville, OH Digital Art Chuck's work in Digital Art
Wright, Jason 045 Ypsilanti, MI Mixed Media Jason's work in Mixed Media
Yu, Zuxin 051 Elgin, OH Painting Zuxin's work in Painting
Zhou, Sabrina 128 Carmel, IN Painting Sabrina's work in Painting
Zouhary, Caleb 110 Bedford, OH Clay Caleb's work in Clay
Zuchowski-Schick, Wanda 144 Rossford, OH Painting Wanda's work in Painting

Art Birmingham is an important fundraiser for the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center.


The Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center has been providing “art for all” since 1957 as a regional non-profit art center committed to promoting visual art experiences.  Each year more than 500 classes are offered for all skill levels and ages preschool to senior citizens. Throughout the year, more than 8,500 people are served by classes, workshops, art camps, outreach programs, special events, and exhibitions that are free and open to the public (with an additional 75,000+ impacted by Art Birmingham, the BBAC’s annual fine art fair). The BBAC supports hundreds of artists each year, with opportunities to teach, exhibit, and sell their work. The 25,000-square foot facility houses nine classroom studios, four exhibition galleries, and a retail Gallery Shop. For further information about the art fair BBAC programs and events visit or phone 248.644.0866.

Youth Art Activities Tent


Children ages 12 and under can create a Twinkle Card. The card converts into a lantern and a battery operated tea light is included!