Levis Commons Fine Art Fair

August 18 & 19, 2018

Saturday, 10 am- 7 pm
Sunday, 11am - 5 pm

The Town Center at Levis Commons is proud to present The 14th Annual Levis Commons Fine Art Fair produced and created by The Guild. The Town Center at Levis Commons is a unique “open-air lifestyle experience, ” featuring sophisticated shopping, superb dining and entertainment and is located in Perrysburg, Ohio. It’s the perfect setting for an exceptional art fair.

Parking and admission are free!

More than 130 artists and artisans will take part in this juried fair; fairgoers will find the same excellence and variety as in the Guild’s award-winning Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair. Featured work will include jewelry, ceramics, painting, glass, photography, fiber and more.

Artist Booth Origin Media  
Anderson, Andrea 071 Maineville, OH Fiber Andrea's work in Fiber
Anderson, Steve 112 Rockford, MI Sculpture Steve's work in Sculpture
Arden, Kim 076 Temperance, MI Jewlery Kim's work in Jewlery
Ardis, James 063 Midland, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D James's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Aslaskson, Autumn 019 Novi, MI Clay Autumn's work in Clay
Baker, Stan 042 Ann Arbor, MI Clay Stan's work in Clay
Beber, Kristy 090 Leo, IN Clay Kristy's work in Clay
Bechler, Corey & Stacey 106 Honor, MI Clay Corey & Stacey's work in Clay
Belt, Jennifer 045 Prient, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Jennifer's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Bivins, Aaron 086 Toledo, OH Painting Aaron's work in Painting
Bochnig, George 041 Pontiac, MI Glass George's work in Glass
Brand, Paul 008 Toledo, OH Painting Paul's work in Painting
Butler, Terrance 053 Ann Arbor, MI Printmaking/Paper Terrance's work in Printmaking/Paper
Carter, Andy 056 Commerce Twp., MI Wood Andy's work in Wood
Clarke Larry 113 Boca Raton, FL Leather Larry's work in Leather
Colter, Michael 095 Milan, MI Photography Michael's work in Photography
Cooper, Nancy 061 Belleville, MI Jewelry Nancy's work in Jewelry
Creel, John 027 Bear Lake, MI Sculpture John's work in Sculpture
Daman, Jessica 003 Florence, KY Jewelry Jessica's work in Jewelry
Dinka, Dianna 058 Tamarac, FL Jewelry Dianna's work in Jewelry
Erard, Mary Jane 111 Toledo, OH Painting Mary Jane's work in Painting
Fannin, Robert 025 Dayton, OH Painting Robert's work in Painting
Favour, Renate 043 Williamsburg, MI Jewelry Renate's work in Jewelry
Fears, Princy & Jonathan 083 Palm Springs, CA Fiber Princy & Jonathan's work in Fiber
Feng, Karl 094 Cincinnati, OH Painting Karl's work in Painting
Ferris, Joseph 017 Boca Raton, FL Metals Joseph's work in Metals
Fischer, Ann Marie 013 Farmington Hills, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Ann Marie's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Fulwiler, RC 022 Lakeland, FL Digital Art RC's work in Digital Art
Galbo, John 009 Saginaw, MI Photography John's work in Photography
Galbraith, Dallas 031 Huntington, IN Metals Dallas's work in Metals
Garrett, Robert 039 Vermillion, OH Wood Robert's work in Wood
Goskey, Judy 038 Burton, OH Jewelry Judy's work in Jewelry
Green, Paula Mae 081 Pompano Beach, FL Fiber Paula Mae's work in Fiber
Grimsley, Joseph & Nancy 096 Canadian Lakes, MI Clay Joseph & Nancy's work in Clay
Hacker, Timothy 119/120 Sylvania, OH Photography Timothy's work in Photography
Herrli, Gayle 054 Indianapolis, IN Clay Gayle's work in Clay
Hyland, Patrick 046 Youngstown, OH Photography Patrick's work in Photography
James, Paul Christopher 073 Chelsea, MI Photography Paul Christopher's work in Photography
Jellema Ruth & David 033 Rockford, MI Sculpture Ruth & David's work in Sculpture
Jensen, Al 004 Ann Arbor, MI Drawing Al's work in Drawing
Johnston, Sharon 051 Dallas, TX Jewelry Sharon's work in Jewelry
Kapoor Gopal 018 Greenville, NC Jewelry Gopal's work in Jewelry
Keller, Jeremy & Mary Ennis 048 Lewisville, OH Clay Jeremy & Mary Ennis's work in Clay
Kent-Moore Tim 070 St. Louis, MO Mixed Media 2D/3D Tim's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Kiley, David 059 Medina, OH Photography David's work in Photography
Krider, Jerry 052 Columbia City, IN Sculpture Jerry's work in Sculpture
Lawson, Kim 101 Westerville, OH Fiber Kim's work in Fiber
Legault, Thomas 055 Plymouth, MI Painting Thomas's work in Painting
Lewis, David & Brad Loker 097/098 Kalamazoo, MI Wood David & Brad Loker's work in Wood
Lis, Zenia 121 Broadview Heights, OH Jewelry Zenia's work in Jewelry
Luks, Susan 050 East Lansing, MI Fiber Susan's work in Fiber
Maher, Chris 108 Lambertville, MI Photography Chris's work in Photography
Margeson, Jana 082 Galena, OH Jewelry Jana's work in Jewelry
Marksz, Diane 065 Kent, OH Jewelry Diane's work in Jewelry
Mickey, Carrie 028 Ypsilanti, MI Fiber Carrie's work in Fiber
Miller, Lindi 075 Gainesville, FL Glass Lindi's work in Glass
Minto, Robert 074 Mt. Cory, OH Clay Robert's work in Clay
Moore, Janice 117/18 Bryan, OH Glass Janice's work in Glass
Morgan, Richard 099/100 Wauseon, OH Sculpture Richard's work in Sculpture
Morrin, Annette 100 Lambertville, MI Jewelry Annette's work in Jewelry
Mowen, Mark 079/080 Copley, OH Leather Mark's work in Leather
Naylor, Cyndy 062 Sardinia, OH Fiber Cyndy's work in Fiber
Nelson, Barbara 102 St. Charles, IL Jewelry Barbara's work in Jewelry
Nilsson, Robert & Teresa 007 Pensacola, FL Jewelry Robert & Teresa's work in Jewelry
Nolan, Ron 116 Roscommon, MI Wood Ron's work in Wood
O'Hara, Pam 086 Dexter, MI Clay Pam's work in Clay
Oladejo-lawal, Said 049 Columbus, OH Painting Said's work in Painting
Olling, Lori Kay 032 Tampa, FL Jewelry Lori Kay's work in Jewelry
Oney, Logan 014 Grosse Pointe, MI Photography Logan's work in Photography
Paratore, Joe 040 Warren, MI Photography Joe's work in Photography
Pernicano, Vincent 047 Boyne Falls, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Vincent's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Pierson-Hutson Stephanie 026 Fishers, IN Clay Stephanie's work in Clay
Pine, Jack 060 Columbus, OH Glass Jack's work in Glass
Pollack, Bradford 114 Hasslett, MI Photography Bradford's work in Photography
Potter, Penny Atkinson & TJ 072 Howell, MI Jewelry Penny Atkinson & TJ's work in Jewelry
Pottner, Jennifer 010 Mason, OH Jewelry Jennifer's work in Jewelry
Reinert, James 064 Owosso, MI Clay James's work in Clay
Richard, Jesse 084 Ortonville, MI Printmaking/Paper Jesse's work in Printmaking/Paper
Richards, Matthew 103 Perrysburg, OH Glass Matthew's work in Glass
Richie, Courtney 115 Gallipolis, OH Jewelry Courtney's work in Jewelry
Rothfuss, Mike 037 Sylvania, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Mike's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Sato, Shinichi 029 Kentwood, MI Painting Shinichi's work in Painting
Schmidt, Douglas 068 La Porte, IN Clay Douglas's work in Clay
Shoulders, Paula & Charlie 015 Brighton, MI Glass Paula & Charlie's work in Glass
Smith, Court 104 Huron, OH Digital Art Court's work in Digital Art
Spencer, Anita 085 Lapeer, MI Jewelry Anita's work in Jewelry
Tarasiewicz Simon & Joy 044 Birch Run, MI Wood Simon & Joy's work in Wood
Venaleck Patricia Zabreski 023 Macomb, MI Jewelry Patricia Zabreski's work in Jewelry
Wagar, Mark 088 Riga, MI Glass Mark's work in Glass
Wagner, Dustin 067 Springfield, OH Glass Dustin's work in Glass
Webb, Janet 089 Marion, IN Jewelry Janet's work in Jewelry
Weil, Walter & Sandra Lang 012 Groveport, OH Clay Walter & Sandra Lang's work in Clay
Whitehead, Samuel 078 Doylestown, PA Painting Samuel's work in Painting
Wickey, Faith 057 Centreville, MI Glass Faith's work in Glass
Williams, Lisa 105 Chicago, IL Jewelry Lisa's work in Jewelry
Wilson, Leonard & Carolyn 030 McHenry, IL Glass Leonard & Carolyn's work in Glass
Zouhary, Caleb 016 Bedford, OH Clay Caleb's work in Clay
Zuchowski-Schick Wanda 011 Rossford, OH Painting Wanda's work in Painting

Toledo School for the Arts

The Levis Commons Fine Art Fair also features a free children’s art activity center presented by the Toledo School for the Arts.  TSA students will help children with several fun art activities. Face painting will also be offered free of charge. Adjacent to the children’s area TSA Artisan’s Guild (TAG) will have a booth of items for sale created by students in this year’s summer program.

Toledo School for the Arts provides students with a true social enterprise experience in the arts during our summer outreach programs encompassing musicians, dancers, actors, puppeteers and visual artists. Our visual art students earn money creating and selling their artwork, doing professional level face painting and caricatures, as well as helping in the children’s craft areas in local art festivals.

Children’s Activities Area Hours:  Saturday: 11 am – 6 pm; Sunday: 11 am – 4 pm

From the North:

  1. Take I-75 South to I-475 North/US-23 North via Exit #192, toward Maumee/Ann Arbor/US-20-Truck.
  2. End at 1-475 and Dixie Highway / 25.

From the South:

  1. Take OH-64 toward South Main Street/Oh-25.
  2. Merge onto I-75 North toward Toledo.
  3. Merge onto I-475 North/US-23 North via Exit #192 – on the left – toward Maumee/Ann Arbor.
  4. End at I-475 and Dixie Highway / 25.

From the East:

  1. OH-163 onto OH-51, to OH-795/CR-66.
  2. Continue to follow OH-795.
  3. Turn right onto South St./OH-795.
  4. Continue to follow OH-795 West.
  5. Turn left to take the I-75 South ramp toward Dayton.
  6. Stay straight to go onto ramp.
  7. Merge onto I-75 South.
  8. Merge onto I-475 North/US-23 North via Exit #192 toward Maumee/Ann Arbor/US-20-Truck.
  9. End at I-475 and Dixie Highway / 25.

From the West:

  1. I-80 East/I-90 East toward Toledo.
  2. Merge onto I-75 South via Exit #64/4A toward Dayton.
  3. Merge onto I-475 North/US-23 North via Exit #192 toward Maumee/Ann Arbor/US-20-Truck.
  4. End at I-475 and Dixie Highway / 25.

If interested in volunteering during the fair, please fill out an online form or contact Nick Clark at 734.662.3382 ext.306 or nick@theguild.org.