Gallery Workshop Waiver

Gallery Workshop Waiver

By registering for this workshop with The Guild of Artists & Artisans (The Guild), I agree and attest to all the following, on behalf of myself named herein as a participant in this workshop or any minor participant(s) mentioned herein that I represent and am legally responsible for.

I understand that the workshop activities have the potential to be or to become dangerous, and that the workshop activities have the potential to cause injury, including damage to personal property or bodily injury up to and including the risk of death. For example, there are inherent risks involved in handling the materials or tools provided for participation in the workshop or stored on the premises, such as carving tools, felting needles, paints, and other materials.

I hereby waive any and all claims, demands, causes of actions, and liabilities of any kind (together, “claims”) that I may have against The Guild arising from or in any way related to the workshop activities or my participation in the workshop activities, whether arising under contract, tort, or any other theory of liability, and release and forever discharge the released parties from liability for such claims, and agree to indemnify and hold the released parties harmless from such claims.

I will not hold The Guild, its personnel, or it's volunteers responsible for any loss or damage, including, but not limited to, personal injury, property damages and loss, and damage or theft. I will not be a party to any legal action against The Guild, its personnel or its volunteers.
The Guild may take photographs or videos of artwork or work in progress during the workshop, which may be used for publicity purposes. These photos may be published on our social media pages or platforms, website, or may be posted on other promotional materials or in other promotional media. Students will not be identified in these photographs or tagged/identified in any photo without their consent. Please note, we archive all work created at our studio. All photographs are the property of The Guild.

I grant permission to The Guild to photograph or film my work for any Guild purpose.