Board of Directors


The Guild’s Board of Directors is elected by the membership. The Board of Directors establishes policies and procedures for the organization, hires and reviews the performance of the Executive Director, ensures there are adequate funds for the effective operation of the organization, guarantees there are proper financial procedures in place and develops and revises the strategic plan.

The Board of Directors is assisted in its work by the efforts of Standing and Special Committees. Committee Chairs are appointed by the Board. Standing Committee chairs must be on the Board of Directors. Committee membership is open to all members in good standing.

Board of Directors

  • Stan Baker – Chair
  • Jan Sadowski – Vice-Chair
  • Andrea Andersen – Secretary
  • Paul Christopher James – Treasurer
  • Debbi Cooper
  • Anne Monheit
  • Jan Robb
  • Don Shurlow


Standing Committees

  • Executive Committee: Stan Baker, Chair
  • Rules: Don Shurlow, Chair
  • Standards: Debbi Cooper, Chair
  • Finance: Paul Christopher James, Chair
  • Personnel: Jan Robb, Chair
  • Art Fair: Jan Sadowski, Chair

Special Committees

  • Bylaws: Anne Monheit, Chair
  • Education & Outreach:
  • Membership: Jan Robb, Chair
  • Nominating:
  • Appeals: Karen Delhey, Administrative Chair