Birmingham Street Art Fair

September 19-20, 2015

Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm

common groundCommon Ground’s Birmingham Street Art Fair celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2014.  The fair returns to South Old Woodward, the celebrated gateway to downtown Birmingham.  Unique shopping and fabulous restaurants line the street, drawing residents from throughout Oakland County and beyond. More than 160 juried-selected artists will be featured in this elegant setting; more than 80,000 fairgoers attend annually.

Common Ground, Crain’s 2014 Best Managed Nonprofit, is pleased to continue its presenting partnership with The Guild of Artists & Artisans. This collaboration helps Common Ground maintain its status as an important regional resource helping youths, adults and families in crisis while ensuring the continuation of this highly-respected fine art fair. The Guild of Artists & Artisans is a non-profit, membership association of independent artists best known for its award-winning Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair.

Artist Booth Origin Media  
Alexa and Peter Smarsh 161 Key Largo, FL Jewelry Alexa and Peter Smarsh's work in Jewelry
Alice Ham 006 Berkley, MI Clay Alice Ham's work in Clay
Andrea Anderson 012 Farmington Hills, MI Fiber Andrea Anderson's work in Fiber
Andrew Wender 078 Englewood, FL Mixed Media 2D/3D Andrew Wender's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Anita Spencer 034 Lapeer, MI Jewelry Anita Spencer's work in Jewelry
Ann Marie Fischer 057 Farmington Hills, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Ann Marie Fischer's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Anne Beyer 085 Albion, MI Clay Anne Beyer's work in Clay
Annette Morrin 113 Lambertville, MI Jewelry Annette Morrin's work in Jewelry
Annette Poitau 071 Oberlin, OH Painting Annette Poitau's work in Painting
Autumn Aslakson 031 Novi, MI Clay Autumn Aslakson's work in Clay
Barbara Scraggs 094 Troy, MI Fiber Barbara Scraggs's work in Fiber
Barbara Spraul 007 Livonia, MI Painting Barbara Spraul's work in Painting
Beth North 005 Birmingham, MI Jewelry Beth North's work in Jewelry
Bob Daily 153 Rochester Hills, MI Wood Bob Daily's work in Wood
Candace Pappas 015 Chelsea, MI Painting Candace Pappas's work in Painting
Carole Berhorst 076 Bloomfield Hills, MI Clay Carole Berhorst's work in Clay
Carolyn Newell-Turner 089 Toledo, OH Glass Carolyn Newell-Turner's work in Glass
Chris Pawlik 095 Anchorville, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Chris Pawlik's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Christine Wardwell 003 Grosse Pointe, MI Painting Christine Wardwell's work in Painting
Chuck Wimmer 032 Brecksville, OH Digital Chuck Wimmer's work in Digital
Clyde Vermillion 037 Perrysburg, OH Photography Clyde Vermillion's work in Photography
Cynthia Mann 102 Brighton, MI Jewelry Cynthia Mann's work in Jewelry
Dani Fuller 042 Sylvania, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Dani Fuller's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Darren Jones 026 Chicago, IL Mixed Media 2D/3D Darren Jones's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
David Ellison 027 St. Claire Shores, MI Clay David Ellison's work in Clay
David McAlpine 125 Ann Arbor, MI Clay David McAlpine's work in Clay
David Scherer 154 Madison Heights, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D David Scherer's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
David Smallcombe 111 Kalamazoo, MI Jewelry David Smallcombe's work in Jewelry
Dennis Dodson 055 Oxford, MI Painting Dennis Dodson's work in Painting
Diane Sicheneder 114 Rochester, MI Painting Diane Sicheneder's work in Painting
Dianna Dinka 073 Tamarac, FL Jewelry Dianna Dinka's work in Jewelry
Dinah Morrison 074 Battle Creek, MI Fiber Dinah Morrison's work in Fiber
Dolores and Thomas McDole 108 Ypsilanti, MI Glass Dolores and Thomas McDole's work in Glass
Don and Serena David 059 Cleveland, OH Jewelry Don and Serena David's work in Jewelry
Donna Beaubien 122 Troy, MI Painting Donna Beaubien's work in Painting
Donna and Lee Burstein 123 Coral Springs, FL Painting Donna and Lee Burstein's work in Painting
Dorothy Jett-Carter 110 Oak Park, MI Fiber Dorothy Jett-Carter's work in Fiber
Douglas Semack 075 St. Claire Shores, MI Photography Douglas Semack's work in Photography
Douglas and Renee Sigwarth 112 River Falls, WI Glass Douglas and Renee Sigwarth's work in Glass
Drew Hine 149 Pittsburgh, PA Glass Drew Hine's work in Glass
Duane Scherer 011 Royal Oak, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Duane Scherer's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Elaine Yang 162 Dublin, OH Fiber Elaine Yang's work in Fiber
Eric Cooper 020 Farmington Hills, MI Clay Eric Cooper's work in Clay
Fiona Collins 172 Canada Painting Fiona Collins's work in Painting
Frederic Payet 179 Atlanta, GA Mixed Media 2D/3D Frederic Payet's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
George Raab 155 Canada Printmaking/Paper George Raab's work in Printmaking/Paper
Glenna Adkins 072 Fort Thomas, NY Mixed Media 2D/3D Glenna Adkins's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Hal Froot 077 Grand Rapids, MI Wood Hal Froot's work in Wood
Helen Springer 146 Milford, MI Baskets Helen Springer's work in Baskets
Humberto Hernandez 038 Flat Rock, MI Jewelry Humberto Hernandez's work in Jewelry
Jack Glaab 126 Dearborn Heights, MI Photography Jack Glaab's work in Photography
Jack Pine 083 Columbus, OH Glass Jack Pine's work in Glass
Jack Schwab 164 Brooklyn, MI Wood Jack Schwab's work in Wood
James Durow 019 Marine City, MI Wood James Durow's work in Wood
James Parker 008 Rochester Hills, MI Photography James Parker's work in Photography
Jamie Hilliard 099 Huntington Woods, MI Photography Jamie Hilliard's work in Photography
Jan Kaulins 141 Manitou Beach, MI Photography Jan Kaulins's work in Photography
Janelle Songer 063 Birmingham, MI Clay Janelle Songer's work in Clay
Janet Bostwick 142 Royal Oak, MI Clay Janet Bostwick's work in Clay
Janey Payne Short 101 Frankfort, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Janey Payne Short's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Janice Moore 096 Bryan, OH Glass Janice Moore's work in Glass
Jason Parsley 002 Cincinnati, OH Clay Jason Parsley's work in Clay
Jeff Salter 127 Ann Arbor, MI Wood Jeff Salter's work in Wood
Jennifer Xerri 179 Hazel Park, MI Fiber Jennifer Xerri's work in Fiber
Jeremy Kuivanen 061 Milford, MI Wood Jeremy Kuivanen's work in Wood
Jo Anna Randolph 136 Northville, MI Clay Jo Anna Randolph's work in Clay
Joe Cilluffo 090 Algonac, MI Drawing Joe Cilluffo's work in Drawing
Joe Paratore 082 Warren, MI Photography Joe Paratore's work in Photography
John Boyett 070 North Canton, OH Glass John Boyett's work in Glass
Joseph Aldini 119 Rochester Hills, MI Photography Joseph Aldini's work in Photography
Joseph Butts 030 Shelby Twp., MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Joseph Butts's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Juana Ryan 178 Chicago, IL Photography Juana Ryan's work in Photography
Julie Goodin 107 Maineville, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Julie Goodin's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Kara Aubin and Daniel Juzwiak 029 Kalamazoo, MI Jewelry Kara Aubin and Daniel Juzwiak's work in Jewelry
Karen Fenwick 175 Bloomfield Hills, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Karen Fenwick's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Karl Feng 170 Cincinnati, OH Painting Karl Feng's work in Painting
Kate Strong 039 Chicago, IL Fiber Kate Strong's work in Fiber
Kathy Sherman 080 Columbus, OH Clay Kathy Sherman's work in Clay
Katie Chichester Mester 143 Claire, MI Painting Katie Chichester Mester's work in Painting
Ken Shenstone 093 Albion, MI Clay Ken Shenstone's work in Clay
Kevin Barton 021 Harbor Springs, MI Painting Kevin Barton's work in Painting
Kim Arden 016 Temperance, MI Jewelry Kim Arden's work in Jewelry
Kim Ensch 151 Belleville, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Kim Ensch's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Kim Rhoney 033 Milan, MI Painting Kim Rhoney's work in Painting
Lisa Ben-Zeev 150 Evanston, IL Jewelry Lisa Ben-Zeev's work in Jewelry
Lisa Parker 128 Pittsburgh, PA Jewelry Lisa Parker's work in Jewelry
Lisa Strehl 120 Oakbrook, IL Jewelry Lisa Strehl's work in Jewelry
Lisa Williams 009 Chicago, IL Jewelry Lisa Williams's work in Jewelry
Lois Bosworth 098 North Olmsted, OH Fiber Lois Bosworth's work in Fiber
Luciano Duse 001 Petoskey, MI Photography Luciano Duse's work in Photography
Lynn and Stephen Cebula 069 Palm Harbor, FL Mixed Media 2D/3D Lynn and Stephen Cebula's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Maria Oliva Tyra 035 Clawson, MI Drawing Maria Oliva Tyra's work in Drawing
Melanie and Justin McKenney 152 Buffalo, NY Clay Melanie and Justin McKenney's work in Clay
Meredith Wenzel 036 Toledo, OH Glass Meredith Wenzel's work in Glass
Michele Sapp 109 Farmington Hills, MI Fiber Michele Sapp's work in Fiber
Mike and Sheri Rothfuss 166 Sylvania, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Mike and Sheri Rothfuss's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Name Booth City Baskets Name's work in Baskets
Name Booth City Enamels Name's work in Enamels
Nile Kramer 165 Commerce, MI Fiber Nile Kramer's work in Fiber
Orna Amrni and Ami Amrani 176 Tamarac, FL Mixed Media 2D/3D Orna Amrni and Ami Amrani's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Pam O'Hara 177 Dexter, MI Clay Pam O'Hara's work in Clay
Patricia Zabreski Venaleck 173 Macomb, MI Jewelry Patricia Zabreski Venaleck's work in Jewelry
Patrick Whalen 097 Maryville, TN Photography Patrick Whalen's work in Photography
Patty Tiry 088 Palmyra, WI Jewlery Patty Tiry's work in Jewlery
Paul Christopher James 160 Chelsea, MI Photography Paul Christopher James's work in Photography
Paul Fletcher 047 Westlake, OH Painting Paul Fletcher's work in Painting
Paul Hapip 046 Twin Lakes, WI Jewelry Paul Hapip's work in Jewelry
Paula and Charlie Shoulders 135 Brighton, MI Glass Paula and Charlie Shoulders's work in Glass
Penny Atkinson and TJ Potter 180 Howell, MI Jewlery Penny Atkinson and TJ Potter's work in Jewlery
Peter Osis 091 Columbus, OH Photography Peter Osis's work in Photography
Phil Dimmer 167 White Lake, MI Painting Phil Dimmer's work in Painting
Philip Claude Laine 138 Palm Beach Gardens, FL Fiber Philip Claude Laine's work in Fiber
Philip Wilson 017 Grand Rapids, MI Clay Philip Wilson's work in Clay
Randy Kuntz 056 Holland, OH Glass Randy Kuntz's work in Glass
Reza Pishgahi 058 Bloomington, IN Sculpture Reza Pishgahi's work in Sculpture
Rick Burger 174 Rochester Hills, MI Painting Rick Burger's work in Painting
Robert Nilsson 086 Pensacola, FL Jewelry Robert Nilsson's work in Jewelry
Robert Simmons 121 Ann Arbor, MI Wood Robert Simmons's work in Wood
Ron Nolan 054 Roscommon, MI Wood Ron Nolan's work in Wood
Ron Schmidt and Bob McPherson 092 Tequesta, FL Metals Ron Schmidt and Bob McPherson's work in Metals
Ruth Heginbottom 084 Troy, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Ruth Heginbottom's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Sara Coast 100 N. Olmsted, OH Jewelry Sara Coast's work in Jewelry
Sarah and Thomas Gelsanliter 163 Milan, MI Clay Sarah and Thomas Gelsanliter's work in Clay
Sharon and Bob Spry 144 Merritt Island, FL Jewelry Sharon and Bob Spry's work in Jewelry
Shinichi Sato 139 Kentwood, MI Painting Shinichi Sato's work in Painting
Simon Tarasiewicz 124 Birch Run, MI Wood Simon Tarasiewicz's work in Wood
Smadar Livne 081 Owing Mills, MD Mixed Media 2D/3D Smadar Livne's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Sooney Kadouh 045 Royal Oak, MI Photography Sooney Kadouh's work in Photography
Stephen Wilson 169 Warren, MI Wood Stephen Wilson's work in Wood
Steve Anderson 040 Cedar Springs, MI Sculpture Steve Anderson's work in Sculpture
Steven Huyser-Honig 147/148 Grand Rapids, MI Photography Steven Huyser-Honig's work in Photography
Steven Klein 028 Dansville, MI Wood Steven Klein's work in Wood
Steven Wirtz 171 Mattoon, WI Mixed Media 2D/3D Steven Wirtz's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Susan Luks 060 East Lansing, MI Fiber Susan Luks's work in Fiber
Sylvia Pixley 010 Monroe, MI Printmaking/Paper Sylvia Pixley's work in Printmaking/Paper
Ted July 013 Otisville, MI Wood Ted July's work in Wood
Thomas Sanders 014 Bowling Green, OH Photography Thomas Sanders's work in Photography
Timothy Hacker 105/106 Sylvania, OH Photography Timothy Hacker's work in Photography
Todd Richter 043 Ann Arbor, MI Sculpture Todd Richter's work in Sculpture
Vincent Pernicano 140 Boyne Falls, MI Jewelry Vincent Pernicano's work in Jewelry
Vincent Pernicano 140 Boyne Falls, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Vincent Pernicano's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
WanChuan Kesler 018 Northville, MI Painting WanChuan Kesler's work in Painting
Wayne Gao and Michelle Chang 087 Rowland Heights, CA Clay Wayne Gao and Michelle Chang's work in Clay
Wendy Bedolla 004 Ann Arbor, MI Glass Wendy Bedolla's work in Glass

Detroit Institute of Arts

Our project this year is Scrolls, used for centuries to keep records and as decoration.  Participants must be accompanied by an adult.  The project is free.


Common Ground is a nonprofit agency dedicated to helping people move from crisis to hope.  The Birmingham Street Art Fair is an important fundraiser for the organization.  To learn more visit

The agency’s programs throughout Oakland and Genesee Counties are a lifeline for runaway and homeless youths, families in crisis, victims of crime, people with mental illness and others in critical situations.

Common Ground serves more than 50,000 individuals each year and is supported in part by state and federal grants, contracts, individual and corporate contributions, foundation grants, special events, the Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority, Genesee County Community Mental Health and United Way for Southeastern Michigan.

Most of its services are free of charge and 93 percent of the funds received go to direct service. Common Ground’s programs and services are divided into three distinct impact areas: Responding to crisis, providing safety and advocacy, and building communities of support.  Here is a sampling of these programs and services:

Resource and Crisis Helpline is available 24-hours per day, 365 days per year. Trained staff and volunteers provide over-the-phone crisis intervention counseling, information and referrals.

Victim Assistance Program provides 24-hour access to counselors and advocates for victims of crime, domestic and sexual abuse, and workplace violence.

Crisis Residential Units provide short-term voluntary psychiatric care for adults that includes medical supervision, nursing and discharge planning. These services are designed to support stabilization, reduce symptoms, restore function and prevent additional functional impairment, with the goal of transitioning to a less-restrictive level of care.

The Sanctuary, a free and safe 24-hour shelter, provides 3-week voluntary residential counseling to runaways and youths in crisis between the ages of 10-17, with the goal of reuniting youths with their families.

A Step Forward is a safe and home-like transitional living shelter for homeless youths ages 16-21, who are seeking self-sufficiency. The program provides counseling, job training, career development, educational assistance, financial subsidies and medical assistance for up to 21 months.

Survivors of Suicide Support Group is a bi-monthly free 12-week program available to all surviving family, friends and work colleagues of the person who ended their life through suicide.

Survivors of Homicide Support Group is a bi-monthly free 12-week group available to all surviving family, friends and work colleagues of the homicide victim.

Growth and Healing Support Group provides support for young women ages 14-17 who have been victims of sexual assault and/or abuse.

SaYes Theatre Troupe is a prevention-based theater program comprised of trained Peer Mentors, ages 15-25. The group presents live performances on issues facing children, teens, young adults and families. Topics include peer pressure, bullying, teasing, substance abuse, dating violence, conflict resolution, stress and others.


The Common Ground’s Mosaic Project will be on display during the event.  Each square in the mosaic is a separate drawing.  To learn more, visit:

Common Ground’s Mosaic Project Video

Common Ground Mosaic Project 2