Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair

July 19-22, 2018

Thursday – Saturday, 10 am – 9 pm
Sunday, Noon – 6pm

The 49th Annual Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair is one of four official partner fairs that comprise the award-winning and highly-respected Ann Arbor Art Fair. More than 400,000 people attend the event each year. The 49th Annual Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair is a juried, fine art event featuring the members of the Guild of Artists & Artisans.  It is located in the heart of Ann Arbor stretching from its charming downtown to the campus of the University of Michigan. The Summer Art Fair has 375 exhibiting artist booths, art demonstrations and features special guests including the Carr Center Artist-in-Training program. .



Artist Booth Origin Media  
Aasmundstad, Marcia D232 Binghamton, NY Fiber Marcia's work in Fiber
Agmon, Einat D332 Buffalo, NY Jewelry Einat's work in Jewelry
Ahren,s Diana D284 Trion, GA Mixed Media 2D/3D Diana's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Albritton, Paul D330 Dayton, WA Jewelry Paul's work in Jewelry
Amrani, Orna & Ami D372 Tamarac, FL Mixed Media 2D/3D Orna & Ami's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Anderson Shane C102 Apple Valley, MN Painting Shane's work in Painting
Anderson, Andrea L. B. C105 Farmington Hills, MI Fiber Andrea L. B.'s work in Fiber
Anderson, Steve & Troy Anderson C152 Cedar Springs, MI Sculpture Steve & Troy Anderson's work in Sculpture
Arden, Kim D290 Temperance, MI Jewelry Kim's work in Jewelry
Arnold, Kenneth T. C047 Columbus, OH Wood Kenneth T.'s work in Wood
Aune, Sara & Marc D318 St. James City, FL Jewelry Sara & Marc's work in Jewelry
Baker, Stan H. D308 Ann Arbor, MI Clay Stan H.'s work in Clay
Baldwin, William D336 Lynchburg, VA Leather William's work in Leather
Barbeau, Alexis C014 Boca Raton, FL Jewelry Alexis's work in Jewelry
Barnes, Mike C095 Harbor Springs, MI Leather Mike's work in Leather
Barthelemy, Billie C127 Pinewood, MN Fiber Billie's work in Fiber
Baum, Mike D346 Lebanon, OH Clay Mike's work in Clay
Beavis, Suzanne P. C025 Perrysburg, OH Jewelry Suzanne P.'s work in Jewelry
Bechler, Corey and Stacey D298 Honor, MI Clay Corey and Stacey's work in Clay
Beck, Sara & Craig Roderick D248 Jasper, AL Photography Sara & Craig Roderick's work in Photography
Belchatovski, Josef C004,005 Millersville, MD Sculpture Josef's work in Sculpture
Benitez, Steve & Benita C123 Richmond, CA Jewelry Steve & Benita's work in Jewelry
Benson, Rex C015 Willis, MI Clay Rex's work in Clay
Berari, David & Pam C022 Ortonville, MI Sculpture David & Pam's work in Sculpture
Berhorst, Carole C149 Bloomfield Hills, MI Clay Carole's work in Clay
Berman, Sher C044 Deerfield, IL Jewelry Sher's work in Jewelry
Bernstein, Barry D315 Marquette, MI Clay Barry's work in Clay
Berry, Scott J. D299 Ann Arbor, MI Jewelry Scott J.'s work in Jewelry
Beutler, Suzanne A. D370 Ann Arbor, MI Painting Suzanne A.'s work in Painting
Bigelow, David D293 Ozark, MO Printmaking/Paper David's work in Printmaking/Paper
Billman, Gregg D264 Gainesville, FL Printmaking/Paper Gregg's work in Printmaking/Paper
Blanchard, James D254 Traverse City, MI Jewelry James's work in Jewelry
Blum, Adrienne D196 Earlysville, VA Mixed Media 2D/3D Adrienne's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Boatright, Alann D237 Pinellas Park, FL Painting Alann's work in Painting
Bokor, Maggie D241 Topsham, ME Jewelry Maggie's work in Jewelry
Bond, Richard C034 Ontario, K1Y2P4, Glass Richard's work in Glass
Booth, John D362 Minneapolis, MN Painting John's work in Painting
Bostwick, Janet C106 Royal Oak, MI Clay Janet's work in Clay
Boyett, John C072 North Canton, OH Glass John's work in Glass
Brawley, Deborah C003 Niwot, CO Fiber Deborah's work in Fiber
Brownlee, Ed D252 Kalamazoo, MI Clay Ed's work in Clay
Burnett, Bonnie Anne C037 Chester, PA Clay Bonnie Anne's work in Clay
Burstein, Donna & Lee D163 Coral Springs, FL Painting Donna & Lee's work in Painting
Busch, Kristin D269 Bloomington, IN Clay Kristin's work in Clay
Butler, Terry C039 Ann Arbor, MI Printmaking/Paper Terry's work in Printmaking/Paper
Cantrell, Kimmy C073 College Park, GA Clay Kimmy's work in Clay
Carmichael, Daniel C041 Waterford, MI Sculpture Daniel's work in Sculpture
Carmichael, Lynne C040 Waterford, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Lynne's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Chavanne, Tom D224 Oaklyn, NJ Jewelry Tom's work in Jewelry
Christiansen, Diana C131 Gainsville, FL Jewelry Diana's work in Jewelry
Church, Shay D313 Kalamazoo, MI Clay Shay's work in Clay
Clark, Beth C081 Chicago, IL Jewelry Beth's work in Jewelry
Clark, Hannah C113 Pittsburgh, PA Painting Hannah's work in Painting
Clay, Carol 118 Greensboro, NC Fiber Carol's work in Fiber
Clements, Tom D182 Spring Hill, TN Photography Tom's work in Photography
Collins, Amy D311 Birmingham, AL Painting Amy's work in Painting
Collins, Fiona C145 CANADA L0L 1L0, Painting Fiona's work in Painting
Collins, Sam D310 Birmingham, AL Digital Art Sam's work in Digital Art
Colter, Michael C085 Milan, MI Photography Michael's work in Photography
Cooley, Richard D267 West Bend, IN Mixed Media 2D/3D Richard's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Cooper, Debbi D157 Commerce Twp., MI Fiber Debbi's work in Fiber
Cooper, Nancy D245 Belleville, MI Jewelry Nancy's work in Jewelry
Corle, Ed D233 Findlay, OH Clay Ed's work in Clay
Corle, Laura Barnhardt D239 Findlay, OH Painting Laura Barnhardt's work in Painting
Crane, Becky C117 North Ridgeville, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Becky's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Crane, Douglas C075 Springboro, OH Wood Douglas's work in Wood
Crawford, Carl C013 Columbia, SC Mixed Media 2D/3D Carl's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Crisler, Carlye D240 Dexter, MI Painting Carlye's work in Painting
Curry, Erin D176 Dallas, TX Drawing Erin's work in Drawing
Curtis, Anne C135 Grand Rapids, MI Wood Anne's work in Wood
Cyberski, Joe C148 Dexter, MI Jewelry Joe's work in Jewelry
Czuk, Peter C045 Kendall, MI Wood Peter's work in Wood
David, Don & Serena C096 Cleveland, OH Jewelry Don & Serena's work in Jewelry
Davis, Cathy & Dave D209 Trenton, MI Jewelry Cathy & Dave's work in Jewelry
Debano, Collyn D322 Oakland, MI Jewelry Collyn's work in Jewelry
Diller, Charlotte C138 East Jordan, MI Fiber Charlotte's work in Fiber
Doherty, Chris D281 Jupiter, FL Photography Chris's work in Photography
Dokas, Dick C035 Ann Arbor, MI Photography Dick's work in Photography
Donofrio, Charles D165 Danbury, CT Leather Charles's work in Leather
Dressler, Julia C120 Clarksville, VA Photography Julia's work in Photography
Dunn, Patti D280 New Orleans, LA Fiber Patti's work in Fiber
Dwyer, Debi C059 Boone,NC Glass Debi's work in Glass
Dyer, Kevin D300 Marietta, GA Printmaking/Paper Kevin's work in Printmaking/Paper
Edwards, Victor D234/235 Monticello, FL Wood Victor's work in Wood
Efta, George D205 South Bend, IN Wood George's work in Wood
Erickson, Russ D316 Woodridge, IL Mixed Media 2D/3D Russ's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Farris, Lisa D257 Bloomfield Hills, MI Sculpture Lisa's work in Sculpture
Favour, Renate D307 Williamsburg, MI Jewelry Renate's work in Jewelry
Feng, Karl D189 Cincinnati, OH Painting Karl's work in Painting
Ferguson, Dan & Nina D285 McAllen, TX Sculpture Dan & Nina's work in Sculpture
Ferris, Joseph D210 Boca Raton, FL Metals Joseph's work in Metals
Fischer, Ann Marie C097 Farmington Hills, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Ann Marie's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Fisher, Fred C140 Quincy, FL Mixed Media 2D/3D Fred's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Fisk, Alan D361 Carrollton, OH Jewelry Alan's work in Jewelry
Foss, Holly Sue D363 Minneapolis, MN Printmaking/Paper Holly Sue's work in Printmaking/Paper
Fulks, Douglas C042 Lees Summit, MO Drawing Douglas's work in Drawing
Fuller, Jeffery C083 Muncie, IN Mixed Media 2D/3D Jeffery's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Fullone, Russell C069 Hamburg, NY Wood Russell's work in Wood
Galbo, John D179 Saginaw, MI Photography John's work in Photography
Galbraith, Dallas D317 Huntington, IN Metals Dallas's work in Metals
Gao, Wayne & Michelle Chang C101 Rowland Heights, CA Clay Wayne & Michelle Chang's work in Clay
Garay, Carolyn D188 Ypsilanti, MI Drawing Carolyn's work in Drawing
Gelsanliter, Sarah & Thomas C057 Milan, MI Clay Sarah & Thomas's work in Clay
Gerding, Chas D320 Traverse City, MI Sculpture Chas's work in Sculpture
Gibbons, Charles C012 Cheboygan, MI Wood Charles's work in Wood
Gibson, Alan D301 Clewiston, FL Sculpture Alan's work in Sculpture
Godfroy, Lizz C042 Cincinnati, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Lizz's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Goodin, Julie D325 Maineville, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Julie's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Goodwin, Jeff & Jeff D354 Huntsville, AR Jewelry Jeff & Jeff's work in Jewelry
Goodyear, Sarah Hillsborough, NC D375 Paitning Sarah's work in Paitning
Gordon, Avril D371 Smyrna, GA Jewelry Avril's work in Jewelry
Goskey, Judy D339 Burton, OH Jewelry Judy's work in Jewelry
Gran, Jerry D272 Fishers, IN Jewelry Jerry's work in Jewelry
Green, Betsy C055 Mandeville, LA Jewelry Betsy's work in Jewelry
Green, Christine & Bruce C100 Micanopy, FL Digital Art Christine & Bruce's work in Digital Art
Green, Lisa & Ravi Marimuth D266 New York, NY Fiber Lisa & Ravi Marimuth's work in Fiber
Greene, James & Deborah D243 La Grange, KY Fiber James & Deborah's work in Fiber
Greenwood, Marilyn D303 Bloomington, IN Jewelry Marilyn's work in Jewelry
Griffith, Jeremy & Chelsea C016 Murphysboro, IL Glass Jeremy & Chelsea's work in Glass
Gug, Chris C046 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Photography Chris's work in Photography
Hain, Douglas D292 Myerstown, PA Metals Douglas's work in Metals
Ham, Alice D169 Berkley, MI Clay Alice's work in Clay
Hamady, Susan H. C086 Ann Arbor, MI Painting Susan H.'s work in Painting
Harris, CA and Nina D213 Mt. Victory, OH Leather CA and Nina's work in Leather
Hartung, John C186 Clearwater, FL Photography John's work in Photography
Hawkey, Diane D195 Royal Oak, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Diane's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Haymart, Heather D353 Ballwin, MO Mixed Media 2D/3D Heather's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Hearn, Maureen D227 Copper Hill, VA Jewelry Maureen's work in Jewelry
Hernandez, Humberto C151 Flat Rock, MI Jewelry Humberto's work in Jewelry
Hershberger, Keith D321 Pittsburgh, PA Clay Keith's work in Clay
Hine, Drew D164 Pittsburgh, PA Glass Drew's work in Glass
Hofacker, Katie D173 Powell, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Katie's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Hollmann, Leigh C043 Ann Arbor, MI Fiber Leigh's work in Fiber
Hoover, Deborah C068 Jenison, MI Painting Deborah's work in Painting
Hovland, Marcia C128 Royal Oak, MI Clay Marcia's work in Clay
Hubbard, Alonzo D337 Roanoke, VA Mixed Media 2D/3D Alonzo's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Jackson, John Wayne D349 Black Mountain, NC Mixed Media 2D/3D John Wayne's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
James, Paul Christopher D198 Chelsea, MI Photography Paul Christopher's work in Photography
Jasinski, Michael D167 Gainesville, FL Photography Michael's work in Photography
Johnston, Sharon C134 Dallas, TX Jewelry Sharon's work in Jewelry
Kade, Stephen D294 Walled Lake, MI Painting Stephen's work in Painting
Kammeraad, Lori C082 Lowell, MI Metals Lori's work in Metals
Kaplan, Abram W. C021 Granville, OH Photography Abram W.'s work in Photography
Karnecki, Laurel D217 Mishawaka, IN Jewelry Laurel's work in Jewelry
Kaser, Adam F C142 Delaware, OH Glass Adam F's work in Glass
Kaulins, Jan C146,147 Manitou Beach, MI Photography Jan's work in Photography
Keener, Gerry D364 New Holland, PA Jewelry Gerry's work in Jewelry
Keller, Eric C150 Toledo, OH Glass Eric's work in Glass
Keller, Jeremy & Mary ennis C009 Lewisville, OH Clay Jeremy & Mary ennis's work in Clay
Kensinger, Michael D168 San Francisco, CA Fiber Michael's work in Fiber
Kim, Sang Man D351 Baldwinville, MA Painting Sang Man's work in Painting
Kirk, Noah D360 Dade City, FL Clay Noah's work in Clay
Kirkwood, Linda C074 Ann Arbor, MI Glass Linda's work in Glass
Kittelson, Peggy E. & Steve D359 Clermont, IA Mixed Media 2D/3D Peggy E. & Steve's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Klinger, James C080 Yellow Springs, OH Clay James's work in Clay
Krause, Sierra C011 Allentown, PA Fiber Sierra's work in Fiber
Krider, Jerry C084 Columbia City, IN Sculpture Jerry's work in Sculpture
Kristophel, Jake D246 Harmony, PA Wood Jake's work in Wood
Kudla, Frank C098 Baraboo, WI Jewelry Frank's work in Jewelry
Kutno, Phil D203 Tuscon, AZ Drawing Phil's work in Drawing
LaCasse, Alec D289 Leonard, MI Sculpture Alec's work in Sculpture
Laine, Philippe Claude D155 Palm Beach Gardens, FL Fiber Philippe Claude's work in Fiber
Landis, Alice C077 Alden, MI Jewelry Alice's work in Jewelry
Lapso, Kathy D208 North Royalton, OH Metals Kathy's work in Metals
Lavalier, Emily D277 St. Louis Park, MN Mixed Media 2D/3D Emily's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Lawless, Ryan & Kaitlyn D216 Detroit, MI Clay Ryan & Kaitlyn's work in Clay
Lawson, Kim D268 Westerville, OH Fiber Kim's work in Fiber
LeGault, Thomas E. D297 Plymouth, MI Painting Thomas E.'s work in Painting
Lee, Vic D158 Encinitas, CA Digital Art Vic's work in Digital Art
Lewis, David & Brad Loker D250, 251 Kalamazoo, MI Wood David & Brad Loker's work in Wood
Lococo, Robert C032 Chicago, IL Painting Robert's work in Painting
London, Sharon & Carl Mateo C089 Saugerties, NY Fiber Sharon & Carl Mateo's work in Fiber
Lowery, Rebecca C139 Bloomington, IN Clay Rebecca's work in Clay
Loy, Susan D352 Moneta, VA Drawing Susan's work in Drawing
Ludden, Andrea & Rolf D214 Gatlinburg, TN Jewelry Andrea & Rolf's work in Jewelry
Lyall, Robert D374 Indianola, IA Metals Robert's work in Metals
Macdonald, Gregpry D278 Council Bluffs, IA Wood Gregpry's work in Wood
Macone, Michael & Clayton Macone D162 Spooner, WI Clay Michael & Clayton Macone's work in Clay
Maher, Chris D171 Lambertville, MI Photography Chris's work in Photography
Malone, Shawn D181 Marquette, MI Photography Shawn's work in Photography
Marcus, Lynn & Don Bodenburg D187 Cincinnati, OH Jewelry Lynn & Don Bodenburg's work in Jewelry
Margeson, Jana C502 Galena, OH Jewelry Jana's work in Jewelry
Marks, Byron & John C010 Walton, KY Wood Byron & John's work in Wood
Martin, Lisa D175 Rosemont, NJ Fiber Lisa's work in Fiber
Matthews, Mark D259 Port St. Lucie, FL Metals Mark's work in Metals
Mattson, Jaana D215 Minneapolis, MN Mixed Media 2D/3D Jaana's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Maydak, Mike D312 Covington, KY Painting Mike's work in Painting
McClelland, Kim & Katherine D204 Galena, OH Folk Art Kim & Katherine's work in Folk Art
McCollum, Richard D347 Bryn Athyn, PA Wood Richard's work in Wood
McGee, Melvin D291 Green Bay, WI Painting Melvin's work in Painting
McKenney, Melanie & Justin D256 Grand Island, NY Clay Melanie & Justin's work in Clay
Merrills, Jane D230 East Lansing, MI Jewelry Jane's work in Jewelry
Meyer, Richard C051 Santa Fe, NM Clay Richard's work in Clay
Michlin, Joan & Jerome Ennis D230 Sarasota, FL Jewelry Joan & Jerome Ennis's work in Jewelry
Miller, Callie C107 Bozeman, MT Jewelry Callie's work in Jewelry
Miller, Charlotte Fung D229 Mukwonago, WI Painting Charlotte Fung's work in Painting
Mirandon, Nicholas D356 Del Mar, CA Painting Nicholas's work in Painting
Mochizuki, Fumihiko D271 Corry, PA Clay Fumihiko's work in Clay
Mondshein, Seymour D174 Rosemont, NJ Leather Seymour's work in Leather
Monheit, Anne D172 Ann Arbor, MI Jewelry Anne's work in Jewelry
Monroe, Michael D348 Brighton, MI Painting Michael's work in Painting
Moore, Janice D183 Bryan, OH Glass Janice's work in Glass
Mor, Edo & Rosario Torres D247 Haydenville, MA Glass Edo & Rosario Torres's work in Glass
Morgan, Richard C049/050 Wauseon, OH Sculpture Richard's work in Sculpture
Morrin, Annette D170 Lambertville, MI Jewelry Annette's work in Jewelry
Morris, Robin M. D244 Corry, PA Clay Robin M.'s work in Clay
Morrison, David C058 Concord, NH Wood David's work in Wood
Mowen, Mark D345 Copley, OH Leather Mark's work in Leather
Mullan, Jim & Victoria D324 Pompano Beach, FL Jewelry Jim & Victoria's work in Jewelry
Munn, Steve C064 Indianapolis, IN Wood Steve's work in Wood
Murray, Toni C114 Corry, PA Clay Toni's work in Clay
Myny, Kandy C122 Shelby Twp., MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Kandy's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Myton, Dean D369 Akron, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Dean's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Nelson, David C088 Manchester, MI Clay David's work in Clay
Nelson, Stephen D306 Shillington, PA Glass Stephen's work in Glass
Nichols, Merrianne D211 Dover, DE Leather Merrianne's work in Leather
Nilsson, Robert & Teresa D197 Sebastian, FL Jewelry Robert & Teresa's work in Jewelry
Nolan, Ron D296 Roscommon, MI Wood Ron's work in Wood
Nugent, David D161 Hinsdale, NH Jewelry David's work in Jewelry
O'Hara, Pam D319 Dexter, MI Clay Pam's work in Clay
Oberkirsch, Mark C036 Hillsboro, MO Mixed Media 2D/3D Mark's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Opferman, Barb D255 Milwaukee, WI Painting Barb's work in Painting
Palm, Gregg D368 Interlochen, MI Wood Gregg's work in Wood
Parker, James C110 Clarion, PA Metals James's work in Metals
Parsley, Jason D159 Cincinnati, OH Clay Jason's work in Clay
Paulson, Alan C112 Detroit, MI Sculpture Alan's work in Sculpture
Pernicano, Vincent D156 Boyne Falls, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Vincent's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Perry, James & Rombye Perry D202 Greeneville, TN Leather James & Rombye Perry's work in Leather
Peterson, Courtney & Lee D212 Lincoln University, PA Jewelry Courtney & Lee's work in Jewelry
Pierson-Hutson, Stephanie & Jeff Hutson C093 Fishers, IN Clay Stephanie & Jeff Hutson's work in Clay
Pilachowski, Kurt D333 Dearborn, MI Wood Kurt's work in Wood
Pine, Jack C031 Columbus, OH Glass Jack's work in Glass
Pixley, Sylvia D228 Monroe, MI Printmaking/Paper Sylvia's work in Printmaking/Paper
Plante, Darren D358 St. Clair Shores, MI Photography Darren's work in Photography
Poitau, Annette D273 Oberlin, OH Painting Annette's work in Painting
Potter, Penny Atkinson & TJ D207 Howell, MI Jewelry Penny Atkinson  & TJ's work in Jewelry
Pottner, Jennifer D295 Mason, OH Jewelry Jennifer's work in Jewelry
Pruks, Mari D242 Ann Arbor, MI Digital Art Mari's work in Digital Art
Rayburn, Aaron C019 Waterford, MI Jewelry Aaron's work in Jewelry
Reeves, Dawn D185 West Bloomfield, MI Fiber Dawn's work in Fiber
Reich, Lesley C133 Hurley, NY Clay Lesley's work in Clay
Reichert, J.J. C141 Bellefontaine, OH Fiber J.J.'s work in Fiber
Reinert, James D344 Owosso, MI Clay James's work in Clay
Richard, Jesse D226 Ortonville, MI Printmaking/Paper Jesse's work in Printmaking/Paper
Riches, Craig C137 Solverhill, AL Sculpture Craig's work in Sculpture
Robb, Jan C125 Troy, MI Clay Jan's work in Clay
Roth, Andrew West Bend, IN C070 Photography Andrew's work in Photography
Roth, Julie C079 West Bend, WI Drawing Julie's work in Drawing
Rothfuss, Mike & Sheri D367 Ottowa Lake, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Mike & Sheri's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Rottman, Jeff C103 Grand Rapids, MI Clay Jeff's work in Clay
Rubenstein, Janet C023 Grosse Pointe Park, MI Jewelry Janet's work in Jewelry
Ruder, Samuel C062 New Smynra Beach, FL Mixed Media 2D/3D Samuel's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Ruiz, Leon D200 Dos Palos, CA Painting Leon's work in Painting
Rush, Barbara D276 Rosewell, GA Painting Barbara's work in Painting
Russell, Char C121 Clinton, MA Fiber Char's work in Fiber
Russell, Jeanne C054 Seneca, PA Clay Jeanne's work in Clay
Rutherford, Jennifer & Joe C024 Leroy, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Jennifer & Joe's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Ryan, Marcus D373 Atlanta, GA Mixed Media 2D/3D Marcus's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Sabo, Liz C115 Lakewood, OH Fiber Liz's work in Fiber
Sadowski, Jan C076 Howell, MI Clay Jan's work in Clay
Sall, Fatou C056 Capitol Heights, MD Fiber Fatou's work in Fiber
Sanford, RC C143 Strongsville, OH Wood RC's work in Wood
Sapp, Michele C017 Farmington Hills, MI Fiber Michele's work in Fiber
Sato, Shinichi D302 Kentwood, MI Painting Shinichi's work in Painting
Schafer, Dar C136 Nassau Bay, TX Mixed Media 2 D/3D Dar's work in Mixed Media 2 D/3D
Scherer, David C108 Madison Heights, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D David's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Schmidt, Douglas D206 La Porte, IN Clay Douglas's work in Clay
Schmidt, Ron & Bob McPhereson D326 Tequesta, FL Metals Ron & Bob McPhereson's work in Metals
Schneider, James D304 West Halifax, VT Clay James's work in Clay
Searfoss, Janet C048 Bay City, MI Fiber Janet's work in Fiber
Seemayer, Jeff D366 Ventura, CA Fiber Jeff's work in Fiber
Shearrow, William C033 Canton, OH Clay William's work in Clay
Shelton, Donald E. D166 Factoryville, PA Metals Donald E.'s work in Metals
Sheriff, Sonja D279 Columbus, OH Jewelry Sonja's work in Jewelry
Shurlow, Donald & Dawn D343 Rhodes, MI Wood Donald & Dawn's work in Wood
Silva, Carlos C028 Seekonk, MA Mixed Media 2D/3D Carlos's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Sloup, Suphattra D258 Haslett, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Suphattra's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Smallcombe, David C119 Kalamazoo, MI Jewelry David's work in Jewelry
Smith, Colby C029 Swansea, MA Metals Colby's work in Metals
Smith, Court D260 Huron, OH Digital Art Court's work in Digital Art
Smith, Eugene B. D270 Winchester, VA Painting Eugene B.'s work in Painting
Smotzer, Heather C027 Westlake, OH Jewelry Heather's work in Jewelry
Snook, Susan D275 Webster, NY Clay Susan's work in Clay
Songer, Janelle D219 Beverly Hills, MI Clay Janelle's work in Clay
Sosnowsky, John & Deborah D154 Union Bridge, MD Jewelry John & Deborah's work in Jewelry
Spencer, Anita C111 Lapeer, MI Jewelry Anita's work in Jewelry
Spry, Sharon C144 Merritt Island, FL Jewelry Sharon's work in Jewelry
St. Laurent, Alanna D190 Ferndale, MI Photography Alanna's work in Photography
Stauring, Emily D365 Arkport, NY Photography Emily's work in Photography
Stearn, Miles D221 Berkley, MI Clay Miles's work in Clay
Stoeckley, John D335 Louisiana, MO Drawing John's work in Drawing
Striewski, Ted D314 Ft. Pierce, FL Jewelry Ted's work in Jewelry
Strong, Kate D340 Chicago, IL Fiber Kate's work in Fiber
Taber, Karen M. & Jessica Taber Rodriguez D178 Wyoming, MI Leather Karen M. & Jessica Taber Rodriguez's work in Leather
Taeoalii, Iosua & Adreinne C006,007 Murray, UT Mixed Media 2D/3D Iosua & Adreinne's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Taggart, Steve C130 Lakeport, MI Clay Steve's work in Clay
Tarasiewicz, Simon & Joy D329 Birch Run, MI Wood Simon & Joy's work in Wood
Taylor, Paul & Marnee C090 San Francisco, CA Jewelry Paul & Marnee's work in Jewelry
Teaman, Sharon D224 State College, PA Jewelry Sharon's work in Jewelry
TerBeest-Kudla, Char C099 Baraboo, WI Fiber Char's work in Fiber
Terauds, Marina D222 North Branch, MI Printmaking/Paper Marina's work in Printmaking/Paper
Terra, Michael D342 Paducah, KY Sculpture Michael's work in Sculpture
Togel, Conni D274 Anderson, SC Painting Conni's work in Painting
Tome, Nancy C018 Ft. Meyers, FLL Painting Nancy's work in Painting
Tressler, June & Dennis D225 Valencia, PA Sculpture June & Dennis's work in Sculpture
Uchin, Alan & Dale Norley C053 Birchrunville, PA Jewelry Alan & Dale Norley's work in Jewelry
Ulmer, Jim C071 Frazee, MN Clay Jim's work in Clay
Valentine, Jack D355 Cambridge, OH Clau Jack's work in Clau
VanTol, Sarah D248 Auburn, MI Glass Sarah's work in Glass
Vaughn, G Todd D231 Naples, FL Sculpture G Todd's work in Sculpture
Vermillion, Clyde D218 Perrysburg, OH Photography Clyde's work in Photography
Villanueva, Mark C066 East Point, VA Mixed Media 2D/3D Mark's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Vogt, Anne C078 Estes Park, CO Jewelry Anne's work in Jewelry
Voorheis, Tyler D334 Fort Collins, CO Mixed Media 2D/3D Tyler's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Walchek, Valerie C030 Ocoee, FL Clay Valerie's work in Clay
Watkins, Bill C129 Holland, OH Mixed Media 2D/3D Bill's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Wechsler, Susan C065 Hamburg, NJ Clay Susan's work in Clay
Weins, Carolyn D253 Ypsilanti, MI Drawing Carolyn's work in Drawing
Wenzel, Meredith C126 Toledo, OH Glass Meredith's work in Glass
West-Martino, Patti D309 St. Clair, MI Jewelry Patti's work in Jewelry
Wilbat, James C038 Deerfield, IL Glass James's work in Glass
Williams, Mike 020 St. Petersburg, FL Drawing Mike's work in Drawing
Winter, Susan C094 Harbor Springs, MI Mixed Media 2D/3D Susan's work in Mixed Media 2D/3D
Wolf, Katrin D236 Monticello, FL Jewelry Katrin's work in Jewelry
Wygant, Jerry C109 Pentwater, MI Jewelry Jerry's work in Jewelry
Zarcone, Robert D350 Moodus, CT Leather Robert's work in Leather
Zimmass, Haley C087 Pine Rodge, FL Clay Haley's work in Clay
Zouhary, Caleb D265 Bedford, OH Clay Caleb's work in Clay
Zuchowski-Schick, Wanda C060 Rossford, OH Painting Wanda's work in Painting

Getting to Ann Arbor

It’s road construction season in Michigan.  For up-to-date information about road closures and detours:

  1. MDOT
  2. Washtenaw County Road Commission

Parking/Park & Ride Options

Complete info online including directions to park & ride shuttle lots,



  • Mini-buses link all fairs (see map for stops).

Ride all day for free


Parking/Park & Ride Options

Downtown parking structures and lots  

  • Parking fee: $15 per day; $7 after 5pm

Briarwood Mall 

The Ride

  • Parking free
  • Round-trip $3; one way $1.50
  • K-12 Students with student ID & Fare Deal cardholders, one-way $.75
  • Senior/A-Ride and GoldRide cardholders & kids five and younger ride free
  • Shuttle stops: Main Street at William and on State Street near South University
  • Buses return to both parking locations from either shuttle bus stops
  • Thursday – Saturday, 9am – 10pm
  • Sunday – 11am – 7pm

Pioneer High School

  • Parking free
  • Round-trip $3; one way $1.50
  • K-12 Students with student ID & Fare Deal cardholders, one-way $.75
  • Senior/A-Ride and GoldRide cardholders & kids five and younger ride free
  • Shuttle stops: Main Street at William and S. University near State Street
  • Buses return to both parking locations from either shuttle bus stops
  • Thursday – Saturday, 9am – 10pm
  • Sunday – 11am – 7pm

Huron High School

  • (2727 Fuller Rd.)
  • Parking Free
  • Round Trip $3
  • Kids five and under ride free
  • Shuttle stops: Fletcher and Washington & South University at Forest
  • Thursday – Saturday, 9am – 10pm
  • Sunday – 11am – 7pm

Frequency and Service

10-15 minutes; Thurs-Sat 9am-10pm; Sun 11am-7pm.  Pets not allowed; service animals welcomed.  Buses & shuttles are wheelchair accessible and air-conditioned.


If you are interested in volunteering during the fair, please fill out an online volunteer form. You can also contact Nick Clark at (734) 662-3382 ext. 306 or There are a number of volunteer positions available including staffing the information booth, artist hospitality and the wheelchair booth*.  All volunteers receive an Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair T-shirt with our sincere thanks! * Each year, the University of Michigan Home Care Services provides complimentary wheelchairs to patrons of the Ann Arbor Art Fair.  Volunteers staff Home Care Services’ three conveniently located booths within the art fair area.  The role of the volunteer is to assist patrons in choosing appropriately-sized wheelchairs, sign out wheelchairs by recording patrons’ contact information and balance the wheelchair inventory across the three tents. Additionally, volunteers provide maps containing wheelchair tent locations and offer basic directions to those locations.  Previous experience with wheelchairs is not necessary.  Home Care Services is proud to provide this complimentary service to patrons of the Ann Arbor Art Fair and to the City of Ann Arbor.


Purchase your official 49th Annual Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair souvenirs at two locations. Souvenir booths are located on the corner of Main and Liberty Streets and on the corner of State and S. University Streets. We have a variety of T-shirts, a great, all purpose bag and the official 2018 poster!


Vintage Booth

Purchase Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair souvenirs from the past!

Located on Liberty and Fifth Street (Across the street from the Post Office)